SBS Smart Exit corresponds to the requirements of the standards:

EVS-EN 1838 Lighting equipment. Emergency lighting
EVS-EN 50172 Emergency escape lighting systems
EVS-EN 62034 Automatic test for battery powered emergency escape lighting

EVS-EN 60598-2-22 - Lighting fittings. Part 2: Special requirements. Division 22: Lighting fittings for emergency lighting

EVS-EN 50065 - Alarm system used in low voltage installations in the range of frequency of 3 kHz to 148.5 kHz. Part 1: General requirements, ranges of frequency and electromagnetic disturbance
EVS-EN 61547 - General lighting equipment. Requirements for the disturbance immunity of electromagnetic compatibility
EVS-EN 61000-4 - Electromagnetic compatibility. Part 6-4: Main professional standards. Emission standard of industrial environments

EVS 812-7 Fire safety of buildings. Part 7: Ensuring the main requirements and fire safety requirements set for buildings during design and construction.