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Our Services

We deliver full service to our customers, starting with identifying the needs and finding a solution to a specific situation, following with system acquisition, equipment delivery and setup.

We can offer the systems/equipments of both a building under construction and an existing one.

When using SBS Smart Exit, the technology developed by us, there is no need for breaking the walls or installing additional cables.


SBS Smart Exit

Safety Building Solution Smart Exit is a full service packet of the automatic checking system of emergency lighting.

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Metering for Exit

A standard and reliable solution for the management and control of emergency lighting work.

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A convient service-based solution that allowing the use of monitoring equipment without it buying.

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Assistance in designing

During the period before installing emergency lighting systems, we help to find out safety related needs and/or bottlenecks and contribute to ensuring the safety of a facility and meeting safety requirements. Light calculations.

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Fire safety consultations

Consultation is discreet, what is seen-heard in an audit will not be reveale to third persons.

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