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The installation of emergency lighting is a legally defined responsibility. Emergency lighting must be regulary tested and maintained in accordance with the relevant standards. Emergency lighting testing must be carried out dailly (visual system operational capability monitoring), monthly (functional test) and annually (duration test).

According to analysis carried out by us, the traditional testing of an emergency lighting fitting of the emergency lighting system (that is, manual testing and fixing the results in writing) takes 10-15 min on the average, which totals 16-25 hours per month (e.g., when checking 100 emergency lighting fittings).

Using an automatic test system, emergency lighting can be tested without additional cost. Thus, the owner of emergency lighting may be satisfied that lighting works properly just when it is necessary and that filling out the logbook would not just be a formal activity.

The automatic test system allow regular/periodic tests, monitor the real-time performance of emergency lights (the condition of the light source, battery and switchover device) and, if necessary, notifies the user of any errors detected in its operation to the electronic address or via SMS. The automatic test system allows You to programm the emergency lighting test in groups at the appropriate day and time, or with enough time interval one luminary after another. If the automatic test system is present, it is not necessary to go on site to perform an emergency lighting tests, but it is possible to monitor the system remotely by means of usual PC and internet. Instead of manually filling in the logbook, the automatic test system generates, saves them, and they are available as pdf or xls files. Regardless of location, the user/maintainer or owner of the emergency lighting system can securely log in to their account to review the system's operation and test results.