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Fire safety audit – fire safety audit of a building, operation of the equipment/systems therein and the actions of persons.The objective of auditing is to determine conformity with prescribed criteria, to collect and evaluate data in an objective manner. The audit is an unbiased, systematic and documented process.The criterion of fire safety related auditing is fire safety related legal norms (laws, regulations, standards). As a rule, applying fire safety measures conforming with the requirements of the Fire Safety Act is something persons (larger and medium-sized companies) can do themselves (internal audit), but we also have experience in assisting with internal auditing. Small companies have grounds for using our assistance when they have no respective specialist, lack their own resources.

We arrange audits as an independent specialist and regard companies through the eye of a bystander (external audit). Thus, stemming from the principles of auditing, it is important that the auditor does not know about the operation of a company, whereas in such a manner they will notice shortcomings better and more objectively.

In principle, an audit can be conducted by anyone not related to the object of the audit and independent of the results of the audit, yet in order the results of the audit to be reliable, the audit is arranged by competent specialists.

Auditing is discreet; what is seen-heard in an audit will not be revealed to third persons. We are competent in the fire safety related evaluation of a building, the operation of equipment/systems located therein and the activity of persons.