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SBS Smart Exit (Safety Building Solution Smart Exit) –
is a full service packet of a safe building smart solution, which involves a fire safety audit prior to the installation of an emergency escape lighting system stemming from the needs of the particular client, the design of the emergency escape lighting system, the assembly of automatic checking and remote control components, the installation of emergency escape lighting fittings as required, the installation of automatic checking and remote control software and training for the use of the system.

The company ensures a guarantee for its services and the further management and maintenance of the system.

SBS Smart Exit allows to achieve a maximum result at the cheking of emergency lighting systems, using minimum time, monetary and human resources.

The SBS Smart Exit full service packet suits primarily those who have emergency lighting still uninstalled and are going to ensure the user safety of a building with the help of an emergency lighting system designed and installed pursuant to legal standards and who are interested in the checking of the systems with no additional costs.